Confuci Acadèmic Journal is calling for submissions of original papers for its first issue. It welcomes contributions from scholars, researchers, postgraduate students, and Chinese language teachers working on relevant aspects within the scope of the journal.

Information for authors

All submissions must comply with the editorial guidelines. The editor reserves the right to ask for reformatting of articles not submitted according to the guidelines.

Submitted manuscripts should not have been previously published elsewhere and should not be under consideration by other journals.

Manuscripts will be submitted to blind peer review and to the discretion of the editors for compliance to the editorial guidelines.

Confuci Acadèmic Journal considers the following types of contributions:

(1) Articles up to 10,000 words (in Catalan, English, and Spanish), or 8,000 Chinese characters. The word count includes footnotes, bibliography and tables. Articles should present original contributions with theoretical and/or analytical argument.

(2) Research reports with empirical data up to 10,000 words (in Catalan, English, and Spanish), or 8,000 Chinese characters. The word count includes footnotes, bibliography and tables.

(3) Reviews up to 6,000 words (in Catalan, English, and Spanish), or 4,800 Chinese characters.

An abstract of 100-300 words, five keywords and a bibliography should also be provided (compound nouns and phrases are accepted as keywords).

Proposals should be submitted as Microsoft Word .doc files, named with the surnames of the author (e.g., SMITH.doc; ZHANG.doc; VILA GARCIA.doc), and emailed to Please indicate “CONTRIBUTION” in the email subject.


The guidelines for contributions (with information about format, citation and reference style, etc.) can be downloaded here:

A template for manuscripts can be downloaded here:

Important dates

The deadline for submission is August 22, 2021.  

Contributors will be informed of the acceptance of their manuscript within 1 month after submission. If the manuscript is accepted with changes/corrections, the author will have 1 month to resubmit the revised version of the manuscript.

The first issue is intended for publication on December 2021.


《学术孔院》(Confuci Acadèmic Journal)是一本在线、开放获取的、年度、实行两位同行双向匿名审稿制度的学术期刊,由巴塞罗那孔子学院基金会编辑发行。本刊发表与中国语言和文化相关的原创文章。










(1) 学术论文:字数不超过8000个汉字,或10000字(加泰罗尼亚语、英语和西班牙语),其中包括注脚、参考书目、数据表格等。且文章应提供具有理论或分析价值的原创性研究贡献。

(2) 带有实验数据的研究报告:字数不超过8000个汉字,或10000字(加泰罗尼亚语、英语和西班牙语),其中包括注脚、参考数目、表格等。

(3) 书评论文:字数不超过4800个汉字,或6000字(加泰罗尼亚语、英语和西班牙语)。


稿件应以Microsoft Word .doc文件的形式提交,并以作者的姓氏拼音命名(例如,SMITH.doc;ZHANG.doc;VILA GARCIA.doc),并通过电子邮件发送至。 请在邮件主题中注明“投稿”或“SUBMISSION”。







投稿后1个月内,作者将收到刊用通知。 若稿件需更改或修正,作者将有1个月的时间重新提交稿件的修订版。